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A peek behind the lens

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I'm Hannah, a storyteller in all senses of the word. As a writer and photographer, I've dedicated myself to finding and telling stories in the most authentic, creative way possible. After receiving my bachelor's from the University of Michigan in 2020, I've gone on to work in marketing during the week and photography on the weekends.


I specialize in portrait photography because I love meeting new people and capturing their personalities during a session! To help you feel more comfortable, I will help you find creative poses and frequently show you the photos to make sure you're satisfied. One of my favorite feelings is knowing that my clients feel confident about their photos (and also themselves!) when they leave a session, so I'm dedicated to making this happen every time. 


My story...

I don't think I could pinpoint an exact date where I "became" a photographer. Some of my earliest memories are propping up my stuffed animals on my bed and photographing them with a Polaroid camera, or wandering the neighborhood and finding unique angles between tree branches. Ever since I was young, I've experienced the world through a photographer's eye.

I grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and took three years of high school photography and design classes, including film photography and Photoshop. After years of asking my friends to model for me, I began freelancing in January 2017 during my freshman year of college.


Since then, I have booked over 300 sessions with 800+ clients for portrait and wedding photography. I've also gained experience in travel and landscape photography through trips to Central America, Europe, and throughout the United States. Check out this photo of me in Costa Rica!

Think we'd be a good fit? I'd love to hear from you!

I would love to work with you and help tell your story! I'm currently based in Detroit and serve southeast Michigan. Longer-distance locations require a prior consultation. Booking opens 4 months in advance for portrait sessions and 1 year in advance for weddings.


If you would like to work together, 2021 sessions are open now! I'm fully booked for the rest of summer 2021 and have open slots starting September 2021. To get in touch, fill out the contact form below or email me at I hope to hear from you soon!